Texas Hold’em Strategy: Three Situations That Are Often Revealed By Hints At The Table

It only takes 3 minutes to get started in Texas Hold’em , but I want to ride this field where intelligence and courage are competing against each other. I remember that someone once asked David Chiu, the world champion who now owns 5 WSOP gold bracelets, a question: For novice or professional poker players who are new to Texas Hold’em , how can they improve their playing skills. The world champion said only six words at the time: “Speak less, observe more.”

Although David Chiu’s answer is many, only six words, but one word reveals the skills most needed in the game of Texas Hold’em . Below, let us observe the information revealed by the following players.

Emotional out of control poker player

Poker players who are exhausted and emotionally out of control usually show this emoji cue. If you don’t know if your opponent is pretending, such as making a loud noise at the table, you just have to see if his lips are tightly closed. If it is, it means that he is trying his best to control his emotions and anger, but in fact he has lost control very much. This is one of the reliable hints in a two-player duel, you can use this trick against your opponent. Sometimes you can find hints that reveal mystery after the game is over, this is one of them. When the game is over, the players generally take off their defenses and no longer try to hide some small movements. At this time, the accuracy of such hints is very high, and it is the best time to understand the true psychological state of the opponent.

Before the player places a bet or

When a poker player is considering whether to place a bet or is pushing his chips into the pot, find out if he has this hint. In my experience, I haven’t seen this hint when the opponent is strong. Sometimes, a poker player closes his lips even before pushing his chips into the pot, which shows that he is thinking about betting issues, which means that his anxiety and discomfort are gradually escalating.

While waiting for action after bluffing

Perhaps the most common case of this expression is when a poker player has placed a bet and the opponent is considering whether to call or raise. Remember, this hint is a sign of negative emotions and a sign that poker players don’t like. Unless the player is emotionally out of control, it generally means that the player is trying to control himself and he is anxious. You must always ask yourself why a certain player makes a certain expression or gesture. If he is not emotionally out of control, it means that he must be in a mood of discomfort and uncertainty, which means that he is holding a weak hand.

Texas Hold’em example

In a previous professional poker tour, John Juanda tried to get his opponent John Murphy to fold. After he bet on the flop, Murphy called. On the turn, Juanda bluffed with JT in 22Q7. When Murphy continued to call, Juanda’s lips were invisible. We know that Juanda is completely bluffing, and Murphy’s delay in folding makes him very dissatisfied. Therefore, even a proficient poker player like John Juanda will inevitably make hints at the table.

All in all, this is one of the most reliable hints at the poker table and the one that has received the most positive feedback. It is really easy to observe whether the opponent is nervous, you just need to pay more attention to whether the opponent has this hint. Of course, you also need to establish a baseline for each opponent as always, and compare the opponent’s actions and expressions to the baseline. If a player never closes his lips in a relaxed state and suddenly makes this expression after placing a bet, you can roughly guess that his hand is weak or that he is bluffing.

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